Because it is our desire to conduct business in the fairest and most ethical way possible, we have created this disclaimer page in order to provide you with relevant information about your rights and responsibilities as a customer or simply a visitor to EssayRoo.com. This document will also outline our rights and responsibilities towards you.

Please read this document regularly as it is subject to change without notice. If  you visit our website or use our services in any way (including inquiries) you are bound by this document. If there are questions, please contact us immediately. We also recommend that you review our other policy pages as well.

Maintaining Your Contact Information

When you create your customer account we will ask for information such as name, mobile phone number, and email address. This is to ensure that we can contact you if we need to. This information is only kept for the purpose of doing business with you. Inaccurate or incomplete contact information can cause significant delays and other issues. We are not responsible for any problems caused by your failure to keep contact information up to date. If there are any changes to this data, please update your records promptly or contact a rep to do it for you.

Use of Our Products

Our products are intended for your personal use only. This use includes reference, as an example, or for study purposes. You may not sell or give this product away to another person. You are the sole owner of the document you receive and it is not transferable to another person. Any issue caused by improper use is the responsibility of the consumer.

We frequently provide interesting or helpful content on our website. This content is protected by copyright and is the sole property of Essay Roo. It may not be copied or distributed without our permission. We do permit our content to be linked along with a brief quote or blurb as long as credit is given to us.

Cancelling an Order

It is perfectly within your right to cancel your order at any time. However, any credit you receive will be prorated based on the amount of time you wait and the amount of work your writer has done. The final amount, if any, will be determined by our staff members.

Making Payments

Payment is due when your order is placed. We accept credit cards, PayPal, Bank Debit, and other forms of payment. If payment is rejected, work will stop until other arrangements are made. In addition to this, if we feel as if fraud is being committed, law enforcement will be contacted. All payments are processed securely.

Uploading Resources

If you have resources you would like our writers to use, please upload them as quickly as possible. If the paper is due in less than one day, resources must be uploaded within 30 minutes. In 48 hours or less within an hour, 2 to 7 days within 3 hours, 7 days or longer within 24 hours.

Order Form Instructions

It is the customer’s responsibility to provide complete and detailed instructions. We are not responsible for any negative impact due to the lack of clear instructions. Please remember to be explicit when telling us what you want. Don’t forget details such as citation format, length,  and font information.

Technical Difficulties

Regrettably, fire, storms, equipment failures, and other disasters impact nearly all businesses at one point or another. We have systems in place to mitigate any type of disaster, and will work hard to get back online in the event that something out of our control prevents us from completing our tasks. However, as these events are beyond our control, we will not issue credits or refunds due to missed deadlines or lost information.

Originality And Plagiarism

Every paper written by EssayRoo writers is an original that has been written to order. All papers are checked for originality using the same plagiarism screening softward that is employed by universities and colleges. This scan report is available upon request.


Writers and other staff members may need to ask questions or gather  more information from you. This is done via message through your customer account. You may also use your account to contact your writer. Failure to answer communications promptly can cause mistakes and delays. We are not responsible in the event that this happens.


We take deadlines very seriously and work hard to ensure that all papers arrive on time. If they do not, a credit or other for of reimbursement will be provided. However, if the deadline is missed because a customer did not provide requested information or reply to communications, the missed deadline is solely the client’s responsibility.

Cookie Policy

We use cookies to create a great website experience and to make our pages work more efficiently. Disabling cookies might have a negative impact on your use of this site.


Our operations are fully legal within the boundaries of our headquarters. It is up to each customer to determine for themself whether or not their use of our services is legal in their own jurisdiction.

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