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Maya F

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Personal statement, 3 days, College

I was somewhat hesitant about this service because usually academic writing companies are not that good in creative writing. However, I decided to rely on my intuition and see if any good will come out of it. And I’m happy I did! Essayroo had made a beautiful essay I loved and I’m positive the university principal will too!


Rotorua, New Zealand

Movie review, 24 hours, High school

This is a great company. I ordered a French movie critique and the writer did all the research carefully and beautifully realized it. The customer care agent was equally nice.



Essay, 6 hours, Freshman

This was my first experience with a writing service and I immediately embraced the respect towards essayroo. They had created an incredible atmosphere. The staff is super friendly, helpful and patient. I cannot say enough good things about this company.


Pages Creek, Australia

Formatting, 6 hours, High school

I had no idea that making a presentation to support my term paper on chemistry would be harder than writing the actual term paper. I’m tired of aligning formulas and putting symbols in place. Essayroo had done an amazing job!


Varanasi, India

Research paper, 3 days, Sophomore

From the very first second on essayroo website you feel welcomed! Everything from the types of services to prices is clear. Customer support agent is respectful and amiable, and I got a couple of really cool recommendations on my paper. The only thing I didn’t like was the absence of free revisions. Otherwise, you get your money’s worth.


Sharjah, UAE

Article, 12 hours, Freshman

Thanks for helping me with the annotation and abstract. So many of my peers lost grades because they confused the two, and frankly speaking I didn’t know much about the difference too. My article was accepted from the first attempt.


Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Proofreading, 14 days, Sophomore

Proofreading. How many times I got burned because of neglecting of this small task. This must be some kind of a disease, the kind you can’t actually get rid of so just live with it. I just have no time for proofreading, ever! Fortunately, the essayroo writers do it well and for a reasonable fee.


Huntsville, AL, USA

Annotated bibliography, 24 hours, Freshman

Thank you for your kind and amiable assistance with my references list. I made the critical mistake and did not enumerate the sources I referenced in my research paper. So, when everything was ready except for the list of references, I realized I lost track of them all! Fortunately, essayroo workers are much more meticulous than I am.


Santa Ana, Uruguay

Rewriting, 4 days, Master's

This magical company makes the most confusing tasks appear super simple. Each time I think this is the end of my studies, they just say “thank you for your order” and – voila – I’m saved, again!



Research paper, 3 days, Junior

I was determined to do this research paper on my own, from the ground up. But when I encountered the ton of web pages, notes and text fragments my research resulted in, I realized I had no idea where to start. Essayroo came to a superb help. I still don’t know how they managed to do it in such a short time.

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