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We truly believe that our writers are the backbone of our company. It is their talent and hard work that makes it possible for us to successfully complete the orders we receive each day. Keep reading to learn more about the folks who write your papers for you.

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Writer’s Qualifications

Every writer goes through a screening test, background check, and a training program. In addition to this, each writer has a graduate degree or PhD in their field. They have real world experience in their discipline, and have professional writing experience. All of the writers at EssayRoo.com are native Engish speakers. They have also been educated at UK universities in Canada, Britain, and Australia.

Who is Your Writer?

Your writer is somebody who has academic and real world experience in a discipline that matches or closely matches the topic of your essay or other paper. We work very hard to select the ideal writer for both your topic and your grade level. As part of our training and evaluation system, we rate each writer with a set of topics that they are qualified to work with. You can also be sure that your writer’s own level of education makes them fully qualified to work on your assignment.

Contacting Your Writer

We don’t believe in using middle men. Because of this, you will work directly with your writer. This will result in the highest quality, final product possible. You may contact your writer via our messaging system by signing into your account. Of course, your writer might need to contact you as well. So, be sure to check for messages frequently. Progress on your assignment might depend on it. If you have problems contacting your writer or checking messages, let us know and we will be happy to assist.

Requesting a Writer

If you find that you work very well with one of our writers, and would like to work with them in the future, you may request that when you fill out your next order form. We may not be able to accommodate this request every time, but we will work hard to ensure that your chosen writer is able to  work on your project.

Issues With Your Writer

If you have any complaints or concerns about the conduct, abilities, or professionalism of any of our writers, please contact us immediately. In most cases disputes can be resolved amicably. However, if need be, we can reassign your essay to another writer. If this happens, there might be a delay that could impact your deadline.

Editors QA Staff And Proofreaders

In addition to our team of writers, we also have editors, proofreaders, and QA staff members who are here to make sure that your documents are absolutely spot on. Before you receive your finished work, editors and proofreaders, and other QA staff members verify formatting, spelling, grammar, and factual accuracy.

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