Why Forest Fires Are So Dangerous in Australia
Wide why forest fires danger australia

Forest fires are dangerous for many reasons in Australia, and as the weather gradually gets warmer and drier year on year, the frequency at which they occur is on the rise.

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Growing Pay Gap Between Male and Female Nurses in Australia
Wide pay gap male female nurses australia

It's hard to believe that in today's society, where women are said to be treated as equal to men, that there is still a pay gap between the sexes.

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Issues in Australia's Healthcare System
Wide issues in healthcare system of australia

Medicare, Australia’s universal access system is fast facing some serious issues that will affect how sustainable it is over the coming times. The system is mostly state funded, and the following factors will have a detrimental effect on the system if real changes aren’t put in place now.

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Australian Education System Explained
Wide australian education system

Every Australian student will have been through the education system in their country, but for students who have come from overseas, it can be confusing. This education essay will run through the Australian education system, and how it works.

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Australia’s Education Revolution Creates a Culture of “Freelance Educators”
Wide education revolution freelance educators in australia

The new measures introduced by the Labour federal government in 2010 intending to bring the education system more in line with private business values has imported one of private businesses biggest problems. More than half of all the teaching and research staff in Australia’s public universities are now employed on hourly contracts. Instead of having a dedicated team of staff, universities now hire on a semester to semester basis, only informing their “casual” staff whether their services will be required during the first week of that semester.

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Australian Education Grants Earmarked to Help Students Cope With Increased Stress
Wide australian education grants to with students stress

The Learning Impact Fund is a recent initiative designed to identify, evaluate and adjust the scale of funding for effective education programs in Australia. While much of this seems like business as usual, this particular fund has earmarked a significant portion of it $1 million budget for seeking out programs to improve the “emotional resilience” of students.

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